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Nurshah + Korlan #1 SCARF 
100% Silk 
Made in Italy 
Designed by Dimitri Porri 
Measures 90” x 90”
Colour: beige/black/white/golden 
Care: Preserve the beauty of your silk by storing it flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain, water and other chemicals, and entrust it to a professional dry cleaner when needed.

Collaboration "Nurshah + Korlan" silk scarfs collection 

We are excited to present a limited collection of magnificent silk scarfs 

«Nurshah + Korlan». The capsule collection was created in collaboration with Historic Kazakh Fashion HouseNurShah & Korlan Madi, International model and founder of contemporary fashion online store @kkapsule 


«Nurshah + Korlan» scarfs are sewn from 100% silk fabric with a size of 90x90, made using a special technology in the city of Como in Italy, where one of the highest quality silk materials is produced worldwide.


To create the design for these scarves, we were inspired by traditional Kazakh ornaments, emphasizing the exotic and mysterious beauty of a nomad woman. 

Thanks to the collaboration with the young Italian artist Dimitri Porri, these scarfs are distinguished by the variety of exquisite shades of pink, gold, beige tones, taking into account the latest fashion trends of the season.

Each «Nurshah + Korlan» scarf was created as a result of a complex multi-step process: from design and color composition to high-quality screen printing and manual processing of the edge of scarves. 


Its extremely stylised pattern, graphic look , and playful colours all come together to give the scarf very contemporary and bold character.

Contemporary and fashionable style with a reasonable price! Shipping worldwide. Based in Rome (Italy)