KKAPSULE on Vogue Italia / Kazakhstan Fashion Week

KKAPSULE on Vogue Italia / Kazakhstan Fashion Week

Posted by Riccardo Terzo (Vogue Italia) on 19th Jan 2018

Astana, the very new Kazakh capital, hosted the eighteenth edition of the country’s fashion week, that offered numerous events and international projects.

Despite the fact that the city is constantly evolving, Astana may be included among the most interesting destinations for investors. It is crowded with businessmen (but mostly businesswomen) and one gets the feeling of a buzzing city, fully devoted to development and investments. After all, the Expo 2017 boosted greatly the city that is now securing its spot on the international and political scene, considering last year’s agreements with the UN.
And this energetic development is also reflected in the spirit of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week that this year, following the success of last year’s edition, opened its doors to two Italian designers, Salvatore Vignola and Federico Barrazzo, both supported by KKapsule by Korlan Madi. But not only: the presence of IED with the project Fashion for Future by Giovanni Ottonello and Olga Myelkova further underlines the wish to be one of the main fashion cities in Eastern Europe.
In general, besides the considerations on each single designer, one can notice the attention and the constant bond with Kazakh traditional costumes, the symbol of a very ancient culture, which everyone is still very fond of. Sometimes the risk may be remaining too involved with costume and less with fashion, but the aim of Irina Baizhanova, the founder of KFW, is precisely to connect the two worlds to achieve something new, between tradition and contemporary fashion, reflecting the country’s urge for development and the desire to invest.

Salvatore Vignola
Salvatore Vignola is a purely creative talent. With the passing of seasons, the designer fine-tunes his vision: irony, glamour, references to the circus theme blend together creating a flamboyant, fascinating and unique world. The collection is editorially flawless, with beautiful references to the past, to 40s Hollywood glamour and in particular to 

Fashion for Future – IED
The project is dedicated to young female Kazakh students selected by Istituto Europeo di Design to take the runway at KFW. The collections ranged from soft palettes to urban menswear ,through fetish-like vinyl designs. An interesting idea that may be continued in the next seasons to pave the way for new designers: the support to young talents, also for international fashion week, is a key added value.

The B by Federico Barrazzo
Federico Barrazzo is a true success story and an example for those who scout for new talents. He graduated in Fashion styling at IED and founded his brand two years ago. His approach to fashion is no-nonsense, fast, fresh. The B is following an excellent direction and the successful sales in the (expressly created) Kazakh showroom are a prove to that. What makes the brand interesting is its focus on a daywear yet chic dimension that can still be largely explored: after all, the effortless chic market is a perfect union between the commercial and creative side of the business, inspired by the great example of his beloved Parisian labels. Federico and his sister Benedetta, who gives her fundamental and rational support to the brand, form an interesting duo, and this collection has opened the way to new future projects.

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